An old saying goes, "When you're in Rome, do as the novels do." So when traveling abroad, you have to be careful to abide by the rules of that city. It is important to be aware of prohibited things so that you are safe and do not create controversy.

Below you will have the opportunity to read some rules you should not follow when traveling abroad:

Tips in Japan

It is not mandatory to leave a wife in Japan, even in some cases it is considered rude if you do. They are paid for each service and their spouse is located at the bottom of the bill.

Distribution of bills in France

It is considered unsophisticated when it comes to dividing the bill in France. That's because they don't want to talk about money at all. However, if you are a large group, you can certainly decide on the bill split in advance.

Greetings in Greece

For the Greeks, hand exoposition is more of an affront than a greeting. For them it is like saying "I refuse".

Photographing without permission in the UAE

This is considered a crime, according to the country's cyber laws. You can be sentenced to up to 6 months in prison and it will cost you a huge fine, especially if the photos are posted on social media.

Avoiding the next in Australia

Do not think about going out of line if you are in Australia and England, as each country is highly respected for its service.