Glossophobia, you know what it is? The mere fear of speaking in public. And unfortunately it affects more and more people, who feel scared when they have to speak in front of a wide audience that they do not know.

According to recent research, this syndrome affects one in four people. According to a study by YouGov UK, there are 13 fears that do not allow people to sleep at night. Do you know where glosophobia ranks? Positioned in third place, as evidence of the fact that it affects many people.

Many celebrities suffer or have suffered from it: Barbra Streisand, Ella Fitzgerald, Enrico Caruso, Luciano Pavarotti, Fiorello, Adele. Many powerful men, such as economist Warren Buffet or Virgin founder Richard Branson, have also suffered from public anxiety. Fortunately, this can be overcome.

For some people, speaking in public is fundamental to their social work or role. Overcoming anxiety if you have to open your mouth to the audience is possible. Massimiliano Cavallo, one of Italy's leading public speaking experts, author of the book Speaking in Public Without Fear, explains that you can learn to manage fear of public speaking.

How to overcome the fear of speaking in public?

The expert suggests a series of tactics that you should always remember!

Meet the place where the talk will take place

Don't read the talk or memorize it because most of the time you end up making mistakes

Look the audience in the eye

Raise the volume of your voice slightly