The well-known InTv moderator has very little time left until she has her first child in her arms. Fatma Methasani and her partner Alfio Rrotani will soon become parents and all this time is entirely dedicated to the expectant mother. As soon as Fatma quit television because of the sweet wait, it didn't take long for news that InTv television would change its version.

Fatma has confirmed this news herself today via a post on her Instagram profile sharing good news about her babyhood career. As she writes, she is now fully focused on the sweet welcome and the baby that will come to life, but once this time is over, she will return to television again, which will apparently be a new version of INTV.

I make no money from these posts, but let's just say the sweet reception is to blame.

MAD 2014 ... Me, a convergent lame dancer above the sofa.

IN 2019 ... Closes a 5-year chapter of an show that unknowingly became a lifestyle.

Today… I will continue to hold conventions and why this time in the office, to run television that taught me that things done with love always work.

At the moment, we are looking forward to the baby, then I look forward to dedicating myself to the artistic kid who, I am convinced, will love the new version of IN tv Albania. The energy or love of the teams that have built and run Mad TV or In Tv, and the love you have given me who followed me, have inspired me immensely. Wonderful things await us. It's nice to be IN. #INforLife