Warm or cold ?! Tea is the beverage consumed at any time of the year and its varieties vary from taste to taste. Some conceive tea as a refreshing drink in the summer, others a beverage that improves health when the body is invaded by viruses during the winter.

The latest study, published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, involved more than 100,000 adults in China and found that those who drank tea regularly were less likely to develop atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease or die prematurely of any cause. , compared to others over a seven-year period.

Tea is not just related to the flu conditions with which we justify consuming it, because besides it reduces inflammation, it lowers blood pressure and has a maximum impact on reducing stress. A person who consumes at least one cup of tea daily has less risk of being affected by brain disease.

Tea contains antioxidants

Have you ever wondered why Asians always look young, regardless of their age? The whole mystery of this phenomenon is white and green teas that are more natural and contain much more perantioxidants than black tea that is a mixture of different herbs.

If you want to get rid of caffeine, start consuming tea.

You will immediately feel changes in the body. Its effect starts thirty minutes after you drink it. The body will feel lighter and the mind cooler. Don't let the caffeine you get from your daily coffee keep you addicted. Drinking tea will be a pleasure and serenity on its own.

It affects weight loss.

Lukewarm tea gives you a feeling of swelling and will make you feel satiated, so the meal you consume after drinking it will be in less quantity than usual. If you want to lose the extra kilos, you can overdo it with tea. You can consume three or four cups a day (although you will have a slight toilet problem), with your body having a very good "rapport" after that. The effects will appear immediately.

It contains more calcium than milk. That is, stronger bones. From a 2016 study, tea plants are considered "superb" because they contain high calcium content, vitamin A and K, which help to shape and strengthen your body.

Teeth are healthier. According to Japanese researchers, tea reduces tooth loss, and even helps prevent cavities. Unlike any other beverage, tea does not destroy the enamel, but protects it thanks to its curative properties. Of course, it also affects boiling water, which is much cleaner than natural water.

If you have a strong family cancer history and want to do all you can, you can increase your tea consumption because it is one of the most important influencers for improving health in such cases.

Chamomile tea is king.

Not only does it calm and rejuvenate brain cells, it is number one in improving the digestive system. Persons suffering from irritable bowel syndrome should consume chamomile tea more than anyone else.

Eliminates aging and gray matter problems.

Tea is a major actor in the age narrative. A few cups of tea a day keeps wrinkles away and efficiently nourishes every cell of your body.

You can use tea leaves as a moisturizer for dry skin, mainly for the face. It eliminates dark circles under the eyes as well as toning the skin giving it shine and softness. Gently massage the delicate facial areas. After applying, leave for a few minutes and use lukewarm water for rinsing.

You can serve it to friends. In winter, you can choose your favorite flavor and pair it with the cake or biscuits you want. You can also consume it in the morning or in the evening before going to bed. You will just feel relaxed. In the summer you can store it in the fridge and drink it when you want something fresh, light and tasteful. Tea is one of the beverages that does not know the seasons but only knows the taste and good health.