Showering daily helps you to be more relaxed, clean, and more protected from bacteria. Sometimes you may be in a hurry and time does not promise you to take a shower, for example when traveling. There are several ways to avoid unpleasant odors so that you do not feel embarrassed.

Use body oils

It is better to use oils that have your favorite scent than spray perfumes, because the oil is harder to remove from the skin, necessarily the scent will last longer. Always carry it with you and you can rub your skin several times during the day.

Use wet paper

Wet paper will help you remove dirt. Just use them to eliminate the bacteria when you think you need it.

Use deodorant as often as possible

One of the most essential things to have in your bag is the deodorant. At the end of the day he will be your hero because he will save you from unwanted odors.

Replace the interiors

According to experts there are many people who sweat about intimate parts - if you have this discomfort, then we suggest you keep spare spare parts with you. The material is important, carefully choose the cotton.

5. Socks in the bag?

Yes, you were reading it very well. The feet are part of the body that sweats the most, and it brings an unpleasant odor to your shoes. Change your socks constantly to minimize stench. It is also a good idea to add baby powder to your shoes. Do not be surprised, it will absorb moisture from your feet.

Avoid some foods.

Onions, garlic and chili peppers are foods that leave an unpleasant aroma even after you have consumed them. If you are outgoing or important, do well to eat vegetables and fruits, they are cooler and have a good flavor.

7. Wear sweaters

Narrow clothes may look more elegant and show your body lines more beautifully, but they bring warmth to the body and you can sweat faster. Sweating means unpleasant odor. Wide dresses will make you feel more comfortable during the day.

Moisturize the skin

If you hydrate during the day you will look cooler. Drink plenty of water and use light facial creams with nice scents so your skin will look like a baby.

Use shampoo for dry hair

This shampoo will revitalize the hair and make the fat leave no marks. The volume of hair will double and shine will nourish you.

Use ornate ribbon

If you are in a hurry and do not have time to wash your hair, another efficient and fast method is the hair ribbon. Choose a ribbon of considerable thickness so that it will cover impurities and bad hair odor.