Life is full of challenges, difficult situations, and surprises - and the best thing you can do is get them sporty and smile.

There are about 3.8 billion women in the world and all are original and special, yet almost every girl can say at one point "I understand you, sister." So there are times when girls get in tune, as there are similar situations that can happen to you everyday. In the following pictures, you will surely find yourself laughing at yourself as you read them:

My eyelashes vs my boyfriend's eyelashes

Other girls vs me

When you think you're special

The ideal light will take work to achieve

Evenings at home

Other girls when putting on hood vs me

How I think my hair looks, how I really have it:

How I think I will look when I cut my hair and how I look

The links of the others and I

Other girls' relationship with food and mine

After a session in the sun

How do I experience winter?

Other girls for Valentine and I: