The flower of the normal lily, the sacred lily or what is known as the Indian lotus has a ceremonial use and a spiritual meaning to many people all over the world. This flower is associated with beauty, purity and spirit. According to legend, when the Buddha took his first steps as a child, the lily blossoms opened. That is why, in some representations, he is seen sitting on lily blossoms. Overall, besides being beautiful, the Japanese lily blossoms seem to have a mystical and ancient meaning. If you want to know what your destiny is for the future in the matter of feelings, pick a flower and find out now!

1. Fat
If you chose the first flower, you will be very lucky. This means that you will be living in good times, where things will seem to flow in harmony, you will feel at ease and you will see the path open in front of you, without trying too hard to reach it.
2. Love
If you have chosen the central flower, your luck is in love. It may be that you know someone, that a bond you already have strengthened or that you are finally able to overcome a pain that has been holding you back for too long. It's time to open your heart and focus on the best in your life. You have already learned a lot from the pain, so it's time to regain love and cultivate beautiful feelings.
3. Surprise
If you have chosen this flower, your luck is a surprise; something unexpected will disrupt your routine. You should set aside a small problem to pave the way for a surprise that brings you life. Do not resist! Sometimes, the least expected thing can get you to a better place. Dare to make your life more flexible for yourself and for those around you.