Maybe you hadn't thought of it before, but there is a connection between the big kids head and brain function. On average, a newborn's head is 35 cm and above all, it is considered '' big ''. If your child has a bigger head than others, you probably worry as a parent. There is no room for worry unless your pediatrician has calmed you down.

One study found that children tend to be super intelligent as they grow older. Discover the reasons below:

Children with large head increase brain activity

Research conducted at Edinburgh University gathered data from more than half a million people. They ranged from 37 to 73 years old. Participants underwent a series of mental and physical tests, revealing details about their lifestyle.

After analyzing the data, the research found that people who had larger baby heads had increased brain activity. The study also added that these babies are intelligent and are more likely to graduate from university.

They have a larger number of neurons

Another study claims that people who are born with large heads have more neurons in their brains. An increased number of neurons makes them more agile than the rest when it comes to problem solving. Persons with larger heads have the potential to use their mental capacity to the fullest. Either way, how you use what you have is more important.