If you have a heart condition, you should limit certain things to your life, especially some exercise in sports, as they can do you more harm than good when it comes to your health. However, this does not mean sitting down and leaving the body without doing anything. You just need to know what kinds of exercises you should not do if you have heart problems:

Isometric exercises include tightening muscles against other muscles or a stable object. They include:

-Low downs


Such exercises can increase blood pressure and limit oxygen in the blood.

But what exercises should you do?

Stretching flexibility: Stretching does not directly affect heart health. Rather, it gives you better balance, a better ability to move around and improves muscle and joint health. Flexibility exercises include stretching and yogan.

Aerobic Exercises: These can improve blood flow and the way your body uses oxygen. The main point here is to do them in moderation. These exercises can include fast-paced walking, low-impact gymnastics, jogging or cycling.