Using an old mobile phone may pose a risk to you. This is the warning that experts give to anyone using an old iPhone or Samsung, or any other type of mobile with the Android platform.

These are those phones that have been deprived of company support, ie those who do not have software updates.

But in what form are you endangered? Technology experts say those who use these old devices are at risk of hacker attacks. Because such handsets no longer have the support of their company, security is lower. Hackers find it easier to hack into your device and steal valuable information, such as your personal information, photos or videos, but also bank accounts if you have them on your device.

Larger companies, like Apple or Samsung, regularly discontinue support for older devices, as not all phones are updated with the latest operating system. Hackers see these old devices as easy targets and attack them in different ways, experts say. So they advise you to buy the latest mobile handsets. /