Every relationship has its good and bad moments. If love no longer exists, then it is impossible to get back with your partner as before.

For this reason we will bring you 8 situations where it seems that your feelings are weaker than in the beginning.

You no longer care how you spend your time

One of the things that every partner will know is how he spends his free time and whenever he calls, the question is: What are you doing? If this question is no longer asked, it may be tolerated once or twice, but not always. If it happens regularly, you need to be alert.

It is no longer jealous

It is normal that the partner will become jealous of you. Researchers have concluded that jealousy strengthens the relationship (when not at extreme levels). If she no longer becomes jealous, it shows that she doesn't care.

Responds to calls or messages too late

It's not about being busy at all, but about having time. Even though messages can be emotionally cold, the way and timing of the response shows a lot.

You don't like the things you both did before

Often partners “sacrifice” doing things they dislike, just to spend as much time together. When this is no longer the case, you have to worry, as this shows that your society is not so interested in it.

It does not plan for the future together

This is the most alarming sign. When your partner spends his life with you he will definitely include you in his plans for the future. If you are not on this list then there is room for discussion.

She's very worried about something, but doesn't argue with you

If you used to talk about everything before going to bed, now your partner is avoiding you, even though you realize he is worried, you should ask carefully the reason for such behavior.

No more asking for help

If you used to ask your partner for help and were very happy with it, now you not only need help, but you think you can do better on your own. This is not a good thing at all. This may be a sign that you will no longer see you, or think you are not worth it.

She no longer laughs at your jokes

She used to laugh at your jokes before, but now no more. This is not an alarming sign: it may be tired. Thinking through previous situations, however, can be a sign.