98% of employees say they are interrupted at least a few times a day by their peers! And, according to healthcare psychologist Ulrika Leons, all of these frequent breaks, especially those face-to-face, can be really devastating to your work process.

Why do you always feel tired after work?

A psychologist explains why ignoring your co-workers can make you more productive.

Office work usually requires a high level of concentration on certain tasks. But this can be really difficult because you are always surrounded by your peers, who occasionally come and ask you a quick question. "What about this project"? or "Yes that document, signed"?

The real cost of quick outages

According to Leons, if someone distracts you during your work process, it may take about 5-25 minutes for you to get your attention back to your task. In addition, it requires a lot of energy to switch between different tasks all the time. There was even research that found that outages could be lost up to 238 minutes a day.

How to get rid of this situation?

Some of them choose to go to a "headphone jail" to tell everyone around them that they are focused on their work at the moment. Others try to separate themselves by closing the door to their office. Another way to deal with this problem is to start working early or staying late in the office to do distraction work.