Love, this universal feeling we all experience! Less and more, depending on the life stages, and it is exactly astrology that helps us discover more in this regard. However all 12 signs of the zodiac will experience doses of love this year, but for three signs in particular this dose will be higher. Well-known and certified astrologer Abdullah Veliu, comes up with his second article dedicated to followers and readers of Class magazine. Let's find out together ... Those who are most likely to experience strong love during 2020 are:

Aries are energetic and free-spirited, however this year you have many inclinations to be more passionate about a passionate connection. You will achieve this by being more specific in your aspirations, giving more time and attention to your partner, knowing that Dashi usually rushes and focuses primarily on its goals and agenda. This year you will agree to step out of your comfort zone and open up to someone who is interested in you. From February 7th when Venera enters your mark, the intensity of love increases.
It may seem strange to you for a token of the earth element that can fall in love, but here it is likely to happen this year with you Capricorn! Numerous journeys and engagements, you are experiencing extremes in the personal plane and ready for new exploration even in love, but with much prudence as only you know. Therefore any dose of fear or uncertainty that Saturn can give you in your sign will neutralize Jupiter with its charisma in your sign!
With the entry of 2020, Venera was exactly transit to your mark, indicating that if you are looking for lasting connectivity, it is a favorable year. If I say that you are always in love with Love, am I wrong? Anyway this year you will be able to experience the most passionate love you have ever had, and that love will most likely get you down to earth, as you are truly unattainable, unstoppable in the pursuit of innovation.