Kissing is a way of showing affection that gives you so much fun not to say it has been scientifically proven to provide a greater emotional affair between couples than physical intimacy. It has been proven that people remember their first kiss much better and have it more alive than their first sexual experience. People don't just think of these joyful parts of life, but there are some things I probably don't know about the best and most fulfilling way of expressing love.

We do a little science

There's a scientific name for it all, and here's the kiss. The term for the field studying kissing is "filmmaking", the scientific term for French kissing is "cataglottism".

Let's talk about words

The word "kiss" comes from the Old English "cyssan," which in turn comes from the pre-Germanic "kussijinan" or "kuss." These words are thought to have come from the sound the kiss makes.


Lipstick is a physical job, but exactly how physical is it? An average person burns 2 calories per minute of kissing, a passionate person can burn up to 6 calories per minute.

Literary footprint

Kissing is a popular topic in poetry and literature in all languages of the world. For the first time, the kiss is written in the texts of the four Sanskrit Vedic texts, written as early as 1500 BC.

Dirty mouth

It is widely known that the mouth is an unclean place. With a kiss, a man exchanges between 10 million and 1 billion bacteria. Strange as it may seem, however, to kiss a sick person has less risk of getting cold than giving up your hand.

The most beautiful time

Measuring the duration of all actions helps you put things in perspective. A normal person kisses as much as he can for two weeks of life. Kissing is thought to be fun, but it can have very bad consequences. In China, a man kissed his girlfriend so hard that she lowered the pressure of air on her mouth, and she had an ear drum.

In a kiss many muscles are engaged, a full French kiss involves 34 muscles, but the most important is orbicularis oris, the muscle that gathers the lips.

Guinness record

The current world record for longest kiss is held by Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat from Thailand. On February 14, 2013, they broke the previous record with a long kiss of 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds.

A sensitive part

People's lips are extremely sensitive, 100 times longer than their fingertips.

When In Rome

The Romans, like the ancient Greeks, were known for intellectualizing everything, even kissing. They divided them into three categories: kiss on the cheek or "Osculum", kiss on the "Basium" lip and a deep kiss or "Savolium".

The French Revolution

French kissing can be a very fun and enjoyable experience, but classic branding was not intended for this. The term came out in 1923 as a blow to French culture that people thought was too sexual.

The beginning of the act

Many researchers are uncertain whether the kiss is learned or born. Given that there are many cultures in the world that do not practice kissing, it is suspected that it may not be the second.

Cinematic history

You can see many kisses on tv today, but it has not always been the same. Even in the US, kissing has been banned under censorship laws, since 1930 to 1968, kisses on the screen were regulated and allowed only a few seconds. During the kiss, if one person was lying down on the other, the one should stand upright; if the married couple were kissing on the bed, one or both should have one foot on the floor.

Alternative ways

Although many call the Eskimo kiss stupid, many think otherwise. 95% of men and women like to rub their nose.

Written word

You may know that X's and Ot's are cuts in writing for kisses and hugs. But you probably don't know that X is not just a random letter, it is thought to represent the shape of the lips as they gather to kiss.

Literary Symbols

Kiss has been used as a powerful metaphor throughout art and literature. The two most commonly used are the kiss of life, otherwise called the "Spirit of God" and the kiss of death, which refers to what is known as the "Kiss of Judah."

You can kiss the bride

It is normal to think that a man kisses the bride at the end of the sermon as a symbol of love, but it is a wrong thought. Indeed, the act originates from Ancient Rome, where kisses were used to complete and sign personal contracts.

To climb up

When you kiss someone for the first time, it releases dopamine, a hormone of positive emotions that makes you want more, but dopamine can make you lose your appetite and make it very difficult to fall asleep.


When kissing, nearly two-thirds of people bend their heads to the right. German researcher Onur Güntürkün has discovered this not by observing people, but by stealing 224 American, German and Turkish pairs.