At a time when everyone was getting ready to take part in Tirana's 100th anniversary concert, Artiola Toska, who was also one of the artists known to participate,

Famous folk singer Artiola Toska lost her father a few hours before performing on the stage of Mother Teresa Square on the occasion of Tirana's 100th anniversary. It is learned that the singer's father had long suffered from a serious illness, a struggle he could not win.

Artiola's absence has been noticed all night yesterday at Mother Teresa Square, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the capital Tirana.

But just hours before the concert began, the singer canceled her participation in the concert.

Sources for "" have learned that just a few hours before the concert began, the singer lost her father.

According to the same sources, Tosca's father has long suffered from a serious illness that proved fatal to life. Because of this, the singer was forced to cancel the recital concert, which was expected to take place this month.