Almost all of us smell ourselves from time to time, it's a fact of life! It's a habit! It can be embarrassing for a woman especially to feel sweaty and unable to control this condition. And if you think there are many things you know especially about the sweat and aroma of your body, there are probably plenty of other details you've never heard of. Here are some facts you should know and observe today about your body odor, referring to you women who are reading this article!

1. It's not your sweat that brings about the bad body odor

Although you may think that the abundant amount of sweat throughout your body after a particularly hard workout is what causes you to stink, this is a common misconception. As the Health association at ShareCare points out, it's actually the combination of the bacteria present in your skin and the secretions the body releases that cause the stench.

2. The medicines you are drinking can cause bad odors

You may have heard that things like garlic and onions can affect the way your body smells, especially the breath, but you probably had no idea that medication can also cause this condition. Dr. James Wantuck, a co-founder of online health care, said penicillin is one such drug that can affect the way you smell.

3. Your hair may smell bad

Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones, a professor of obstetrics / gynecology at the University of Utah, said the way your hair smells is a combination of the secretions from the sweat glands and the oil gland attached to each strand. Plus, your pubic and armpit hairs have some ecrin glands which also carry a characteristic odor.

4. Laser hair removal can cause an unpleasant odor

It has resulted in some people saying that after laser hair removal, body odor has not been the same. Of course, in order to prove this thesis you need more in-depth studies, but if this phenomenon really happens you need to talk to your doctor.

5. Stress changes the way you smell

A biopsychologist called Gary Beauchamp said the smell of our bodies changes a lot when we are stressed. Hormones make their own and the characteristic aroma dominates. Stress affects everything, every cell in your body, so don't be surprised when your body produces more sweat in poor periods.

6. During ovulation, women have strange body odors

You may not have ever thought you smelled good, but in fact during ovulation days in women, the body has a strange odor. And a man has noticed this in 2001. It's a "war on hormones", so it's understandable as a phenomenon.