What you will read here may seem futile and ineffective, but they are tricks that can help you in situations that are different to what you like.

So take out the notebook or cellphone and carefully note the following tips. Success is guaranteed and indisputable.

Hair Play: It is a very old but effective tactic. You have long, beautiful hair? Then we don't understand why you keep talking to them while you have your hands in every possible place and not your hair. Play, catch, turn around all the while looking straight into the eye. It is enough for the hair to be washed.

Killer look : Look from head to toe and focus more on his eyes and lips. Do not say anything. Let the silence speak. This is how he will understand the message he is sending. If the sequel is not what you think, then you will not. Probably no connection this time.

Say his name: especially if you are in big company. Whenever you receive the word, make sure that the first sentence includes its name.

Smiles: no one likes those who keep the tides hanging. So what you have to do, in most cases, is laugh. Not like the ones that have made botox and barely lift the cheeks, but naturally and honestly.

Make Me Feel Bad: We're not saying it to the point of getting the ambulance on the phone, but a small guess that the sole purpose is to support his shoulder.

Talk about something he likes: find out what he likes and talk to him for hours, even if you have no interest at all.

Be cool and confident: try to handle every situation calmly. Trust yourself.

Bum in front of him in sexy attire: Just be careful not to be confused with your feet and force him to take the ambulance.