Just as having the right haircut on your face affects your look, wearing the right body shape is also an important part of looking good. If you want to figure out which collar suits you best with the shape of your body, in the list below you will find the ideal blouse to wear to look as interesting as possible.

Large chest, round collar
The fact that you are told all the time that you should not wear "V" collar because your breasts look too voluminous does not necessarily mean that you should wear T-shirts or closed dresses. Round collar is right. A golden choice between the closed collar and the very exposed one.
Tors short, V-shaped collar
The discussion here is to make your upper body look taller and your body to identify the best possible shapes. An elegant "V" shaped collar is the right choice.
Tors long, collar shaped or square
Girls with long tors have to do exactly the opposite of what they do with short tors. You have to create the illusion of a body not too long. Also square collar is a great option and you should be lucky enough to be one of the top trends in 2020.
Shoulders wide, collar closed
If you are all the time trying to look smaller with shoulders, forget about open dresses that identify this part of your body more.
Small chest, collar wrapped around neck
If you want to "increase" the volume on your chest, you should definitely look for closed collars, collar collars and t-shirts with vibrant prints and colors.