The rules of hygiene and personal care are not that difficult, but we have some things wrong.

Mistakes can cost us not only beauty but also health. For this reason, Bright Side brings us 7 mistakes we make every day and how we should avoid them.

Cover your mouth with your hand when coughing or sneezing

When we cover our mouths as we cough or sneeze, we help keep the germs in our face. The results are outbreaks, rashes and other not so pleasant consequences. It is especially dangerous with infectious diseases because rubbing your eyes manually can provoke an inflammation of the eyelids. How to do it well: You should cover your mouth with a foil. If we don't have one with us, then cover your mouth with your elbow crease.

Cutting the nails

The use of scissors deforms the nail structure and improves their nail growth. How to do it well: If you need to cut long nails, use a nail polish. Not only shorten them, but also give them the proper shape.

Painting the eye on the inside

The tip of your pencil, and especially the brush, harbors bacteria that can cause an infection if they find a way into the mucous membranes of the eyes. Mixing with tears creates favorable conditions for their multiplication. How to do it well: If you want to accentuate your lower eyelid, use shadows: apply them slightly away from the eyelash growth line.

Clean your nose with your finger

Your fingers are the "home" of germs and can cause an infection if they enter the nose. This is especially dangerous if you have a blocked nose. How to do it well: Wash your nose by pulling the water once to the right and once to the left. Or, better yet, use a separate device.

Wash your body with shampoo every day

Our skin is inhabited by beneficial bacteria that protect it from infections and keep it hydrated. Daily use of shampoo breaks this barrier. The body becomes more susceptible to various diseases and the skin becomes drier, it can even lead to eczema. How to do it well: Daily use of soap or shampoo is only needed in the hands, armpits and intimate area.

Use plenty of toothpaste

Using a large amount of toothpaste does not help to clean them. Rather, it blocks the spaces between the teeth. How to do it well: The recommended amount of toothpaste for adults is about the size of a pea, and for children the size of a rice.

Use lots of hair balm

The use of a large amount of hair affects their faster greasing. How to do it well: The recommended amount of hair balm is just a small coin. It should not be put on the root of the hair, but on damaged and dry peaks.