Medication shelves can help you when you have an instant cold or an unstoppable headache, but your daily well-being and health doesn't start at the pharmacy. A strong immune system kicks in the kitchen, which is good news, because foods rich in vitamins like pineapple are easier to overcome than cough syrup.

" What you eat can have a tremendous impact on the digestive tract and the balance of the intestinal flora, which has been proven to affect mental health from the immune system , " says Sophie Manolas, clinical nutritionist and author of The Essential Edible Pharmacy, a cookbook based on cultivating good health.

If you are still unclear what a clinical nutritionist is, learn it once. She is a certified professional working with physicians to help patients optimize health, through diet and lifestyle changes. Although there are times when the body needs antibiotics or other prescription medication, foods can help. Even vegetables that are easy, like cabbage or lettuce, packed with vitamin C. "The beauty of these nutrients that are in common vegetables, is often work in groups to give a multiplier effect on the body."

Different health conditions may require specific foods, but fruits and vegetables with many vitamins are always recommended. For a more detailed nutrition program to feel better without taking medication, follow Manola's instructions.

Daily multivitamins: green leaves

If you want to be in good health all the time, consume lots of green smoothies, kale salads and roasted kale. "Leafy vegetables have extremely concentrated nutrients," explains Manolas, explaining that deep-colored leaves are even more nutritious, full of fiber, vitamins A, C and B. And if bitter, even more good. "Bitter green vegetables are indispensable for health," she says, adding that they also help in digestion by increasing the levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, reducing gastric burn and supporting the second phase of liver detoxification.

Urgent vitamin C substitute: red peppers

"In my humble opinion, red peppers are one of the best live foods to eat," says Manolas. Eating red peppers with hummus or adding them to salads gives the immune system great support with a high dose of vitamin C, not to mention carotenoids, fiber and vitamin E.

Against stress: pasty

"Pastinacs are the new carrots, spread the word!" Exclaims Manolas. Complex carbohydrates help the brain function and produce serotonin, which can help you achieve a more restful state. When you're stressed out go to a plate of chips? You are lucky. Mature Pastinacs taste just as good, with more health benefits. And they cook quickly. This mineral-rich vegetable also supports bones, blood cells and clean skin.

Lightning Solution: Coconut Oil

No one is going to get cold and locked in the house, so stopping it in time is essential. And while a doctor may prescribe antibiotics, the influenza is viral, so you should get antivirals, too. This is where coconut oil comes into play. Healthy fats are resistant to temperatures, so they retain their antiviral properties even when frying vegetables or adding a spoonful to a cup of tea. "A teaspoon of coconut oil in a cup of herbal tea is extremely relaxing while the whole body benefits."

Natural facilitation against mixing: ginger

If you have a stomach ache, ginger can save you faster than medications given at the pharmacy. "Ginger is powerful," Manolas says. Studies have shown that ginger can be a very effective solution to nausea, including when it comes to the seas or if you have morning nausea during pregnancy. " But it is not said that you should limit the use of ginger only to soothe your stomach. The spicy roots have a powerful ingredient called gingerol, which is thought to help against abdominal cramps during menstruation, abdominal swelling and nausea and keeps bacterial infections away. Wherever you add it, in fries, sauces, or purees in juices and smoothies, a little ginger can do a lot of health work.

Headache Cure: water with lemon

There are many causes of headaches, but dehydration is one of the triggers, says Manolas. She recommends adding lemon juice to a bottle of water to have a soothing effect. Not only does the taste help drink more water, but bitter citrus is said to help detoxify the liver and aid digestion.

Antidepressant: pineapple

Why need a spoonful of sugar syrup when it can be replaced with fresh pineapples ?! Manolas says he is full of vitamin C. Another characteristic of pineapple is that it is the only natural source of bromelain, a super anti-inflammatory antioxidant enzyme. Combining bromelain with vitamin C can turn pineapple into a very potent product when it has sinusitis and inflamed airways. Manolas also has a brilliant advice to eat: cover pineapple slices with minced ginger for a snack that the body will love just as much as it tastes.