Cold showers, of course, are not ideal, but they are often said to be better than hot showers. Particularly, cold water is advisable for hair. If you want them to look brighter, less tangled and healthier then don't spend money on endless products. Simply change the water temperature.

Preserves luster. Cold water does not damage the hair strands, it makes them look softer and shiny.

No more tangled hair: Usually hair tangles or breaks if washed with hot water. Cold water does not remove moisture from the hair, so it does not completely dry them and does not remove all the natural fat. Thus, more moisture - less tangled hair.

The cleanest scalp. Cold water closes the pores of the scalp, preventing dirt from getting inside. So after each rinse with cold water, you will feel your hair and scalp cleaner.

If it is impossible to wash your hair with cold water then at least try to rinse it off with cold water after washing. This way it gives them more air and makes them shiny.