She is one of the most energetic singers on stage and with her music is leaving a mark in the history of Albanian music.

Her stage performances, powerful voice, but also hits over the years have made Aurela Gachen one of the most beloved artists in the public.

She has brought over the years songs that have turned into hits and won the hearts of the public by returning to their favorite chorus. Invited to the program "Rudina" on TV Klan, she has shown interesting details from the new song "I Want to Live", but also from her private life.

Her new song conveys a powerful message, and Aurela Gace says she's talking not only about physical violence, but also about psychological violence.

Aurela Gace: I do not believe that there are Albanian families that have not tried maybe not myself, but my sister, my wife, my friends, my mother, I do not believe she has. I do not believe that there is anyone immune, who has not seen at least. Someone on the street asked me and said: Do you play it as if it had happened to you? I told her I'm an adult girl in this environment, why do you think I'm different from you? I've seen it in my life, I've known people who might have wanted to be violent, even though I might be a strong girl and have escaped it. But I have stories of my friends, my family members who have been subjected to violence. I want to emphasize that it is not just physical violence, but also psychological violence that Albanian women, women, and girls have tried because we are dealing with guys who think that the girl they have on their side is not worth it. To feel good about themselves, they convince her that she is not worth it, she is nothing without him. This too is violence. This kind of violence, of course growing up, I felt on my shoulders, and with people saying, I love you, but if it wasn't me, you're nobody. This is a psychological psychological pressure, that at the moment I don't feel like a lady, I'm nothing then. /