Meghan Markle is one of the characters that inspired us to dress. But now that she has left the kingdom, she is likely to dress again in a more casual way. We've seen her show up with torn jeans, sneakers and denim jackets over dresses. Here are the six simple dresses to be copied by all of you:

Top-down visa jacket, golf and black pants
Meghan's body lines were there even before she married Prince Harry, so we can only guess how much she loves such a dress.

White shirt, torn jeans, sunglasses and flat toes
This is one of the simplest looks Meghan often repeats. This is a photo released before she married the prince and we can say that she will be one of the outfits we will see again in public.

Top-to-bottom visas, jacket and eye-catching heels
With this dress you will feel comfortable though with the dress.

Chained blazer, black jeans and sneakers
In this photo, Meghan was several months pregnant. Now she can come up with sneakers whenever she wants and hopefully often.
Sleeveless jumpsuit, earrings and suede heels
Have you been thinking about how to combine a skirt, pair of jeans or a blouse for a while? Here's your solution! With a jumpsuit you blow your mind. To complement this look you can wear earrings as well as suede heels and you are super cool.