Diets, some types of exercise and time, do not help when it comes to keeping your breasts up. However, according to Dr. James C. Grotting, physician, president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, has several factors that speed up hanging breasts.

I don't drink enough orange juice

It doesn't just serve to heal the cold, Grotting says. In fact, the breasts desperately need vitamin C and B to build elastic support tissues and collagen to maintain its shape. So consider drinking a glass of orange juice in the morning, instead of latte.

Eats potato chips, candy, cakes

All packaged foods can swell the thighs and abdomen, but also damage the chest. When we reach the age of 30, 40, Grotting says, the breasts are more affected by fat. To put it another way, when eating a piece of cake, it doesn't go directly to the waist.

It is achieving its weight loss goals

It's nice when you manage to knock down the excess kilns, but Grotting says that also affects the chest. Of course you won't change your plan. Grotting says if you wear a pair of appropriate recipes every day, they will keep your breasts in place.

I smoke a lot

If you need one more reason to quit smoking here is where. Tobacco destroys the skin around the chest by damaging it and giving it a cracked, hanging appearance.

You forget to massage them

It may seem strange to massage the chest with a moisturizer. Nevertheless, Grotting insists it's worth it even if the pajamas become dirty. Moisturizing the skin of the chest helps greatly to keep the chest from hanging.

You run long, every day

Runners will not like this. Grotting says the run hangs on your chest, but you don't have to worry, though. A pair of sports recipes that sit well behind your chest will help counteract the problem.

You only wear a T-shirt when you sleep

We know you won't, but if you're going to have a nice chest, you have to wear a soft chest that maintains the shape of your chest, says Grotting. Simply select a pair that does not disturb you and with material that allows air to enter.

It does not protect them from the sun

The sunscreen is important outside, the same goes for the chest. If you wash them with cream, you will prevent their skin from becoming dehydrated, damaged, and hanging, says Grotting.

I'm wearing inappropriate recipes

It's always worth it! Don't underestimate the impact of recipes. Grotting thinks many of our chest problems are resolved simply by wearing the right amount of recipes that apply to your body.