Although it seems like the day to talk about fashion is far away, in fact it is not so, as when everything seems to make no sense, a new day begins, a new inspiration. Spring is knocking on a new energy, the 1970s, which is back after 3 decades ... This is confirmed by the outages realized last September, bringing some of the major trends that will dominate this year!

It's about a new fashion, a nostalgic fashion, full of color and volume, a fringe of a range of accessories that will make your wardrobe look more curated. This year's novelty is the importance given to the planet and the danger of global warming, by applying pieces and materials that "love" the planet.

The 5 new trends we will see every day this year, once we come out of isolation, are the following?

Shoulder Exposure
Romantic in the spring! The shoulder-revealing collars will be the protagonists for T-shirts and dresses. Shoulder exposure is a feminine, sexy and very chic detail in all cases. Also, busts come in even more voluminous shapes with paired straight pants or skirts.
Typical 1970s collar
The main inspiration from the 70s? Music! The shirts or jackets come in exaggerated, larger than usual and full of style. Prada, Fendi and Louis Vuitton have applied this trend extensively to their collections, in dress shirts and jackets, which are the protagonists of the collection.
Inspiration from bridesmaid dresses
Typical bridal gowns lose their formality this season and return to everyday attire. Not only in volume but also in white and also in the form of male costumes. Valentino, McQueen, Dior and Victoria Beckham will be the bridesmaids this season!
Safari Inspiration
For some seasons, this inspiration continues for fashion makers? The Desert Palette dominates this trend with shades like orange, red, mustard, or khaki. From Gucci to Zimmermann, the protagonists are jackets and bottoms with pockets, hats and straw bags.
?Loving the planet??
As we said at the beginning of this article, climate change is at the heart of this year's trends. This concern is the protagonist in many brand inspirations and means to "respect" mother nature in all senses.