On the eve of today's dawn, a black cloud lost the purity of six stars in the sky of Kosovo. A spark was lit at the time it should have been spared. The Kosovo sun struck behind the clouds in the hope that a new moon would shine. A political tussle suspended Corona's scrutiny as a current objective, using it as a civic distraction to devise a roadmap for a plan that would not necessarily have to be stamped on paper. Albin Kurti is a political exponent of unmatched patriotism, injected into the latest cell, unmatched by opponents playing with the stones of the future. An overwhelming majority of citizens enabled some wagons on the train of government, but the inadequacy of self-determination. The electorate told him he could walk for a four-year term, but only under crutches, with a different party hue that would be the end of his start.

The new spirit, the source of state-building laws, came to a standstill yesterday after being denied respiratory support. A shameful national motion, a parallel to the promised brilliance, a robbery scenario for democracy was legitimized as silent nonsense. That parliament is proof that legislative opposition and a note of protest could be egg and flour, but no one thought of it as cooking instruments for the self-stimulating shopping spree far beyond the areas the Kurti government would serve. . The tear gas formerly burdens today in the eyes of those who believed that Kosovo would be uprooted from the soil that did not feed it, that did not urinate on its decay from the old political caste, who asserted the flavor of the new era with Kurti.

In Albin's eyes, it is read that the pain Kosovo cannot shrink to territorial inches is a loss that is frighteningly frightening that bargain keepers do not infringe upon their sleep in public confidence. His political action is long-lasting, a testament to the poverty of political students whose civic persuasion remained in the classroom, enriched by leaders of the Albin caliber.

Anyone who rejoices in the political motion to derail his dream should expect its resumption as never before. You were designed for infant failure, but you didn't think he could wake up today as a hero, as it happened. With Albin, Greater Serbia fearing small Kosovo, it sought external influence as a guarantee against the embryonic economy, followed by the imposition of a tax. Neither the superpowers' fanfare will forgive the score on the table, as long as Albin Kurti's policy lives on.

Kosovo, disrupts the scene of the political theatrical play played with pathos under the illumination of cameras. Know that when they fade away, the actors are congratulated on the roles of public fraud, rewarded for serving the interest of everyone but anyone who aspires to the flame of your hope. And in such a case, he was completely ready to sacrifice himself politically, without script but with conviction and heart, a proper name like Albin Kurti. The shortest, but longest-lived prime minister in the unprecedented lectures offered to the auditorium, not online as dictated by the ugly international order, to implement programs where every unit of national interest came into being.

In today's Kosovo unities, today sings Albin Kurti's policy anthem as a refrain that the rows were pardoned in full confidence.