From Rome, oncologist Blerina Resuli has shared her experience with Covid-19, while saying it's not like a simple flu and that the symptoms are much stronger.

In an interview for the Opinion show, Resuli said that in her case the virus was not associated with high fever, but mainly headaches and coughs.

Excerpts from the interview:

Fevziu: How did you find out they were infected?

Blerina Resuli: Many of my colleagues have been affected. I was diagnosed on March 11th.

Fevziu: Were you worried?

Blerina Resuli: I had very little concerns at that time, but most of my colleagues were infected and as we work with delicate patients it was our job to test for the benefit of the patients especially because they are very delicate and love them. to be more fatal than their illness.

Fevziu: Do you have an idea from where you got it?

Blerina Resuli: I believe from other colleagues, but we do not have any precision about this.

Fevziu: What symptoms did you have?

Blerina Resuli: At first a little cough, very little nosebleed, but in the following days this situation worsened. Cough was added. I have never had a high temperature, maximum 37 - 37.2.

Fevziu: How long did it take you, 2 - 3 days?

Blerina Resuli: Something more, then the ankle pain, fatigue, headaches so often woken up at night and what most other people have, I have lost all sense of smell. Still to this day, after 2 weeks, I do not feel the aromas.

Fevziu: During this period was it easily affordable?

Blerina Resuli: I can say it was affordable. People say it's a simple flu, it's not real, the symptoms are worse than a simple flu. I'm 36 and for my age group, I say no problem.

Fevziu: But a 38-year-old who was the first patient stayed a month in reanimation.

Blerina Resuli: Even in Rome a 34-year-old lost his life.

Fevziu: What would you say to the Albanian citizens?

Blerina Resuli: The first thing I would say to the citizens is to stay at home. Should at least reflect. /