Opposite a wall of paint boxes in the supermarket and previous failed experience, you may be tempted to leave this job and go to a professional, but it is possible that you can do it yourself in the quiet of your home toilet. Some professionals have shown the secrets to a properly painted.

1: Don't do anything drastic

"Look at the charts and determine the level and shade that comes closest to your natural hair and stay between the two levels lighter or darker," says Nicole Tresch, an experienced hairdresser at Rita Hazan Salon. Alyssa Gammo, hairdresser at IGK Salon, says that, if your goal is to make the color deeper and you have stuck between the two colors, always choose the lightest one: "It's easier to change."

2: Treat yourself with the right shade

In addition to color, you have to choose the shade that best suits it. Gammo suggests this key rule: "Those who have cold-skinned skin from those who burn on the beach should choose natural hair shades, which means no red or golden, while warm skins that are usually warmed in the sun. without burning, they should go for gold, honey and chestnut shades. "

3. Check if you have all the tools you need

Before you leave, you need to find the necessary tools that will return the toilet to your salon. Gammo advises that you should have towels, that you do not mind breaking down, an old Vaseline shirt to dye the area around the root of the hair so that there are no ink stains, gloves, clocks, paint brushes, hair clip and bowls.

4. Highlights should be made at the bottom

Instead of yarning all over the hair, Tresch suggests "try a more ombre, balayage look." And "make the strands open in spades." She says that trying to use aluminum foil or yarn that starts from the hair root is a complicated process to leave to professionals.

5. Keep in mind the health of your hair

"If your hair is dry or damaged, it can absorb the paint faster," Tresch warns. Since the tops are usually the most damaged, she suggests brushing all the hair and brushing it on the bottom.

6. Check and then double-check the shade

If you are not convinced of the cartridge you received at the supermarket shelf, Tresch recommends trying it on a thin strand of hair before causing any hair damage. "Take a batch of hidden hair and just dye it to see how it will turn out," she says. After each process, Tresch says you should check the color in natural light because the toilet is the worst.

7. Divide and rule ... your hair

To achieve a full blush, Gammo says hair splitting is essential. "Paint the front, the back, taking in cash. If you turn the whole cartridge, stains that look like strips on your head can be created," she says.

8. Get the best hair after dyeing

To make sure your hard work shines through, "always use a glitter in the end" says Gammo. Healthy hair reflects more light, so adding a moisturizing mask during the shower would be good for you. Gammo also suggests always using shampoo to care for dyed hair so that the new shade does not fade or turn into another color. Purple shampoos are especially suitable for hair that tends to oxidize. "