The use of gloves when spreading the COVID-19 virus may be considered important, but their use is useless if individuals do not wash their hands with running water for at least 20 seconds after direct contact with infected objects. An emergency nurse from Michigan (Molly Lixey) has posted a video on her Facebook page to illustrate the spread of coronavirus, especially in individuals with pre-existing diseases, even if they use gloves in public places.

Lixey explained that on a visit to her neighborhood supermarket, most shoppers wearing gloves were unaware of how easily the virus infection could spread. Furthermore, the nurse indicated that the individuals touched the face after touching food items thinking they would not be infected.

To show the way the virus is infected in grocery stores, Lixey recorded a video with gloves while claiming to be in a supermarket. The virus was symbolized by visible ink to show the audience how viral infections are transmitted from objects to humans. Continuing her theoretical journey, she demonstrates how the virus spread from food items to Lixey. Subsequently, the nurse used her phone to demonstrate the further spread of the virus.

For starters, Lixey gets toilet paper from supermarket shelves. The virus spreads to her glove and then accumulates on her cell phone. This observation reinforced the conclusion that cell phones are common collectors of microbes, and their frequent use increases the risk of being affected by coronavirus.

Lixey noted that she was later exposed to more germs as she continued to touch other food items, the cart, and the money she used to pay.

"Once shoppers leave the supermarket, they take off their gloves, thinking that the risk of infection is no longer present," Lixey said in the video.

To emphasize her hand-washing message after using gloves, Lixey said, ?Continue to use masks and gloves in public places, but that can't stop the virus from spreading further. It is very important to wash your hands after touching objects in public places and touching personal items such as telephones and car keys.

Molley Lixey's illustrative video went viral 24 hours after it was posted on her Facebook page and can be accessed at the following link: