In early March, Kledi Bahiti became part of the pink media, after his connection with sports moderator Pejana Elezi was revealed. Although neither of them confirmed or denied the news, things were clear.

Recently, Pejana not only accepted the connection with Kledi, but also gave the sweet news that they will become parents for the first time. In a photo she posted on Instastory and provided by, the moderator revealed her round belly and wished Kledi a happy birthday:

"Until recently, love bore only one name, yours. But a few months ago it already bears two names. Happy birthday my dear, the man who changed everything for me with just one touch. Happy birthday to you who decided with me to take such a big step as to start the creation of our family. Happy birthday to you, the man who gave me breath from his breath, then when I needed it most. Kled, you because no one else is like you. I promise. that I will be by your side until the end of the journey. We love you very much. "

Kledi, on the other hand, has not posted anything related to this on his Instagram profile.