Our scalp needs to produce a certain amount of oil to nourish and protect the hair, creating a thin barrier between it and the environment. But excess fat can cause a lot of discomfort, ranging from lack of volume, irritated scalp and dandruff problems. Thankfully, if you identify the cause of the excess oil, you can take control of the situation.

Washing your hair every day is very stressful and irritating, so here you have the opportunity to learn more reasons why hair is greasy:

1. You often keep your hair caught and tightened too much

A stylish tail can look like a good way to hide fat. This hair style may look nice, but at the root accumulates fat. This style requires a lot of hair products that make it soft and very greasy.

What to do:

Don’t use too many products and styling that require a lot of combing and touching.

2. Do not rinse your hair with cold water.

Hot water is great for opening pores and hair cuticles and removing dirt, but it can also be harmful. It can dry out the scalp a lot, causing dandruff and excessive oil production.

What to do:

It is better to choose warm water when applying shampoo, while to rinse them, use cold water, to close the pores.

3. You choose the wrong products for hair care.

Experts advise you to be careful with products that are labeled "intense" because they can overload your hair by making it flat. They can cover your hair with a thin protective layer that makes them look greasy, especially if you have thin hair, as it makes them more greasy.

What to do:

Experts advise to avoid products that are designed for dry or damaged hair. It is a good idea to use a cleanser twice a month, to clean the remaining materials from cosmetic products and to help the hair stay fresh.

4. You comb and touch your hair very often.

When you touch the hair, the oils and bacteria that are on the hands pass to the scalp, creating fat. Frequent washing is harmful because it spreads the fat all over the hair and makes them look less voluminous.

What to do:

Create a habit of not touching your face with your hands and be aware especially when you feel nervous during a conversation. Don’t overdo it with combing: experts suggest that 2 times a day may be enough for people who don’t have very curly hair and always brush with a clean brush.

5. You are very stressed.

Stress causes your body to produce more cortisol. This hormone stimulates the skin to produce more oil and dandruff.

What to do:

You can’t do much about it, only if you change your hair style and try to manage stress. Using special products can help you fight dandruff and your skin will be healthier.

6. Wash your hair very often.

Although it may sound a little absurd, the more you wash your hair, the more greasy it becomes. A hair biologist says they have billions of bacteria that produce a healthy pH for our skin. When washed too often, this balance is upset and the sebaceous glands produce more oil.

What to do:

Try to gradually reduce the frequency with which you wash your hair and use shampoos that do not dry the skin. Experts advise you to pay attention to the area where you live and the problems you have with your hair. For example, city dwellers need to wash their hair more often than people living in rural areas.