Not a few, but 10 years have passed since April 29, 2010, when for the first time in Albania was celebrated the International Dance Day, at the initiative of the Executive Director of "Let's Dance", Roberta Mone. Although this year has been quite conditional on artistic activities, including those in the field of ballet, the initiator of this event in Albania, can not forget the 10th anniversary of this marked date, which became a tradition year after year in Albania.

10 years after Albania celebrated for the first time in the square in front of the Academy of Arts "International Dance Day", of course, extraordinary events have taken place in ballet. Roberta Mone continued this tradition for many years, 2010-2015, including the troupe of the center "Let's Dance", students of the Academy of Arts, dancers of the ensemble "Tirana", but also every year after giving dozens of performances. in various premises of the capital. Every April 29, Roberta is close to the students, close to her work and all those who have dedicated not only their passion but also their profession to this day.

10 years ago? April 29, 2010

A big event that comes before the capital's public by the well-known choreographer Roberta Mone and directed by Sonila Kapidani, with a staff of professionals to celebrate this important cultural event that takes place around the world. "Dancing is discipline, work, learning, communication. Through it we say words that perhaps others would find difficult to understand and speak a universal language for all. It gives us pleasure, it makes us free, it equips us human beings with the ability to fly like birds, bringing us closer to the divine, to infinity, says artistic director Roberta Mone. 2010 is the first time that makes Albania part of the worldwide celebration of this event. It will be a 2-hour show, part of which may be the audience itself, with the motto: "Let's Dance on the I'ts International Dance Day!".

It is an event that is celebrated all over the world since April 29, 1982, created by the International Dance Council and UNESCO. This day commemorates the birthday of Jean Georges Nover, who was one of the famous dance reformers. This day is dedicated to the language that each of us can speak, the language of body and soul. Asked about the purpose and message of this day, Roberta Mone, artistic director of the event, said: ?This day encourages people of all ages, artists of all genres to celebrate together in a single day. This cultural event is made possible under the special care of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports. The show has followed various musical rhythms masterfully intertwined by young artists of the Academy of Arts in the rhythm of Tango, the troupe of the center "Let's Dance" with modern and professional genre in Latin dances, rhythmic gymnastics and dance of Albanian folk tradition. (Albanian Archive)

10 years later? April 29, 2020

Along with students and collaborators, Roberta Mone, this year also commemorated International Dance Day, with some of the performances staged over the years. Given the conditions created by the Covid-19 situation, it was difficult to organize a large-scale show this year, however, Roberta did not stop either the passion for her work, nor the dedication to the students of the University of Art. As she tells Class, even in these conditions, April 29 cannot pass without attention, despite the limitations with which we must all adapt.

Even online, ballet pedagogy at the University of the Arts continues to work with students, so that the passion for art does not fade even within the walls of the house, on the contrary, it explodes even more to touch new skies.