For women, sex is less important, women sin a lot for romance, women do not have sex without love, and so on. Truths or false myths?

There are many clichés for women, ranging from those about the strange powers of menstruation to ending up in women’s fixations such as “without makeup I can’t live,” “I can’t stand without a loved one”. The oldest, but often the most annoying, are those related to our sexuality, our way of life, and our way of relating to our partner. Here are five false myths about women and their relationship to sex that have broken taboos over the years. Do you agree with us?

1. Women have less desire than men in bed

Lies, total lies! Men have an average of 10 erections a day, but the truth is that we too often think about sex, only that we generally do it in a less obvious way than men. They are more likely to express their fantasies or sexual comments. We are more likely to keep everything inside, or rather, make thoughts fly more often without necessarily opening the mouth. In short, more or less as if the approach to male and female sexuality was dictated by genital projection: external VS internal.

2. Sex is not important for women

Sacrilege! Nothing could be more false! We women love sex like any other active sex creature. We love him because we think of him as a being with a strong sensitivity. We love it because it makes us feel free, physically and mentally satisfied. And we consider it an important part of our lives, like family, work, children, partner, and so on.

3. After being engaged, married or a mother, the wife changes

True, there are changes in daily habits, schedules, commitments, without a doubt. But that doesn't mean our desire is extinguished. Having a partner stabilizes life as well as having children, but we are always ready to take some time to dedicate to sexuality. Indeed, in their 20s as well as in their 30s or 50s, at all ages, women like to make love and like to be considered the object of their partner’s sexual interest.

4. Women are not masturbated

There is no greater lie, as there is no more complex taboo to collapse. Female masturbation has always been experienced as a big secret, and taboo still remains: only 60% of women say they have already practiced masturbation. And the remaining 40%? The only sure thing we have is that masturbation helps you understand yourself and your pleasure.

5. Orgasm is not important for women

Imagine a dinner at a restaurant, you and your partner. The dishes are on the table, your partner finishes earlier and the waiter arrives and decides to remove your plate while you are still eating. Would you be happy? Would you enjoy it? The same feeling is what we feel when, much more often in a heterosexual dynamic, the relationship breaks down because the partner has already reached orgasm, and the woman still hasn’t! In short, even if we want to make love in all its nuances, we also love and want orgasm! Even women, of course!