Storm has become a celebrity and as such should definitely have an Instagram profile. In fact, Storm has a profile of his own. Whether you suspect it is true or not, we are telling you that it is followed by members of the Kardashian family and their close friends. But if you are looking forward to following them and studying their profile, wait!

The little girl's profile is private and unlike you might have imagined there are only 16 followers. It is followed only by relatives, while it follows only Kylie and Travis. Storm also has 4 posts, so we believe the account hasnâ??t been opened in a long time.

Of course the site is managed by Kylie, because Storm is only 2 years old. We donâ??t know if one day Kylie will decide to make the page public, but until then letâ??s continue to enjoy Stormiâ??s videos on Kylieâ??s profile.

Ah, if you havenâ??t seen this video, itâ??s worth spending 1 minute of your life.

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