About 50 million people around the globe have fertility problems and are struggling to have children. Asking a couple when they will have children is so daring and rude on your part, even experts call it an invasion of their intimacy. We are listing here six strong motives why you should never ask a couple when they will be having children? The next time you think about it, remember these six points below ...

The fact that you are 25 years old does not mean that everyone should do the same
One of the most common myths associated with pregnancy is that women over the age of 35 cannot get pregnant. And, if it happens, their baby will not be healthy. In reality, as long as a woman has eggs, she can get pregnant at any time and her baby will be fine. Even when you have a baby early in life, there are risks. After the age of 30, the risks increase by only 5%. The best time to have a baby is when you are ready, not when society expects you to.
About 50 million people suffer from infertility globally
According to a report, about 15% of the world's population is struggling with infertility and the number is growing. The rate of misconduct has also increased. In fact, research claims that most pregnancies these days are unfortunately ending in abortions, causing parents to become depressed. Having children is never easy, but now it is even harder.
There are other factors that influence a couple's decision to have a child
Of course, infertility plays a major role, but there are other factors that need to be considered before a couple can have a baby. The financial situation of the couple, the strength of their relationship, their health, career goals, etc. When you have the mind to have a child and have the time to properly care for the new creature, it happens when you really have all these factors in your favor.
Don’t remind anyone of the “biological clock,” people are aware of that
It is a strange stigma for women who have a child after the age of 35, which must end. For example, when Cameron Diaz announced her pregnancy and recently gave birth at the age of 47, the popular online verdict on her was negative. There is nothing wrong with deciding to have a baby through frozen eggs, IVF or any other means when they are unable to conceive naturally. Women don’t need to be reminded of their “biological clock,” they are fully aware of it.
Some people just don’t want kids and that’s OK
Just like having a child and not having a child are two perfectly normal situations. Asking couples who don’t want kids again why they don’t want kids or remembering the famous saying, “one day you will regret it” is wrong. Understand that just as you have your thoughts, they have theirs and you should not inject your views into anyone.
You don’t know what others are going through, be polite
To summarize, asking someone when they will be having children is never the right question to ask. The couple may have relationship problems, are struggling with infertility, may have had an abortion, or may not want to have a child for personal reasons. You never know what a person is going through. Better not ask questions that may be the reason for someone to go to bed crying today. Be understanding and polite.