According to experts in cognition, language and psychology, the position in which couples sleep shows a lot about the nature of the relationship they have! Because despite everything, the position can be an emotional window to the situation the couple is living in at the moment.

According to experts, the person embracing this position tends to guide and protect the partner. She, on the other hand, feels more comfortable and safe with her partner and it is possible that when you are not hugging during sleep you feel vulnerable. It is a position that reflects the perfect harmony of the couple. However, in some cases it may also indicate the existence of some uncertainty in the relationship.
With shoulders, but close to each other
Couples who usually sleep in this position reflect the fact that they respect their individual space without losing contact. They are dynamic, they lead lives independently, so their relationship is stable and healthy. According to experts, this position reflects the trust between the couple without the need for the presence of the other.
Adjacent to each other
Experts agree that this position is a sign of desire and a very strong passion. It is very common when the relationship starts and usually happens when both sleep after a moment of intimacy. This combination can reveal sexual desire, but according to experts, it is possible that the couple accustomed to this position may present jealousy situations.
Face to face with each other, but without physical contact
Sleeping in this position is a sign of the search for intimacy and the existence of the desire to be close to the partner. Everyone knows how to respect each other's intimate moments, but there is a connection that prevents them from distancing themselves. But in general, this type of couple more easily gets daily routines and problems.
With the back, but far from each other
This position is a warning that something is wrong in the relationship. It is necessary to keep the distance and the desire to have greater freedom. The lack of contact between the bodies may indicate that there has been a strong argument or that one of the two is seeking full independence.
Body language experts say this position reflects the commitment, love and affection between the couple. Overall, it reflects that things are going very well and sex life is great. They also say that sleeping with your head over your partner’s shoulder is an indication that the person feels very confident with their partner.