The spring sun is quite dangerous for creating spots on the face, so in this period it is necessary to take care of the skin more than in any other period of the year. It does not require cost, nor long time to prepare a simple mask with fig flowers.

Shtogu is at the time of flowering in this period. It is well known as a plant with a very good aroma (Latin name Sambucus Nigra). The white flowers release some grains which have not only curative values but also aesthetic values.

Ideal masks for dinner:

Mask 1

Equal amounts of lily flowers and peach flowers press and mix with honey in a bowl. Apply the resulting mass on the face (mostly in areas where you become stained). Hold for 20-25 minutes and then rinse. This mask also serves for blackheads on the face.

Mask 2

Boiled potatoes, after peeling and pressing, add a little milk. Mix well until you get a kind of puree. Apply on face every night and hold for 30 minutes.