Research and studies to date suggest that the risks of coronavirus pandemics are unlikely to go away within a few months, if not longer, and experts have warned that human relationships may change forever from prolonged isolation as well as efforts to do so. prevent future recurrences.

The Onion has released some ways in which coronavirus will change human relationships.

Coughing and sneezing in front of another person's face will be considered a sign of disrespect to the person in front of you.

It will take about 10 years for the general public to feel at ease and offer someone else a bite of their sandwich or feel comfortable sharing food with someone else.

Airlines will allow food staff to be the first to board the plane.

More people will be separated from their spouses after the isolation is totally removed and they discover the existence of other people outside their apartment.

People will be afraid to shake hands with each other and for many people this will seem normal in the future.

The economic downturn will lead us to close some bars and restaurants but this will make those bars that remain open to be super overcrowded.

Touching another person will surely turn into a big problem.

People will think twice about establishing any kind of personal relationship with someone they don't know beforehand.
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