A bad relationship will not only make your life more difficult, but constant debates can also lead to severe depression. Being the only one trying to have a relationship can be frustrating, especially when you don't know where you are going.

Here are 10 signs that can help you decide the fate of your relationship.

1. The partner avoids spending time with you.

If your partner never finds enough time for you, but is always willing to spend time with others, this is a sign that you are no longer interested. When you really want to be with someone, you find time for them.

2. You feel like a person completely different from what you were before.

When you truly love someone, you accept them as they are. The desire to change the person you date or their habits is not a healthy sign.

You don’t have to give up your hobby or interests, or feel guilty about doing something your partner just doesn’t accept for no reason. If you’ve been happier and freer before and feel very upset in your relationship, you should definitely leave it at that.

3. You are no longer the person you go to for everything.

Communication is the key to a lasting relationship, and if you find it difficult to open up to your partner, share secrets, and choose to talk to someone else, something is wrong.

4. Most conversations turn into quarrels.

Expressing your individual thoughts is healthy, but when you find yourself arguing about small things, then it is not.

5. Your heart no longer 'flies' when you think of your partner.

If thinking about your partner no longer brings a smile to your face or makes you happy in any way, it’s probably best to let it go.

6. The partner just takes and doesn’t give.

A relationship requires equal effort on both sides so that there are no problems. If you are constantly doing things to fix and strengthen your relationship, but your partner is indifferent, find yourself someone who really appreciates you.

7. The relationship seems boring.

Not every day in your love life things will go as in the movies, but it doesn't seem to be boring either. You can make small things together, but they make a lot of sense, just like cooking together. All it takes is the willingness to make an effort to make things exciting.

8. You are not growing in a relationship.

Growth is a very important aspect of any relationship, whether personal or reciprocal. People in happy relationships lift each other up and grow together. If this is not the case for you and instead of inspiring you, your partner is dragging you, it is probably better to end the relationship.

9. You are not on your partner's list of priorities.

It’s unrealistic to always be your partner’s top priority, but you definitely need to be on his list. They should try to be there whenever you need to, or at least make an effort to find out how you are.

10. You don't feel loved by your partner.

Love and warmth are what keep a relationship going. If you cry because of your partner, you need to think about why you are dating someone like him. Quarrels and marital problems do more harm to your health than you think. Remember that you deserve to be happy and mental health is very important!