The Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu, says that increased figures were expected two weeks after the largest opening of the country on May 18.

" It is known that two weeks after May 18, the number of cases was expected to increase, but there have been isolated hotspots that have increased daily figures in the last 3 days ," the minister said on the show Opinion.

Asked if we continue with these numbers we risk closing again or not, the minister explained:

"The curve continues flat despite the points or daily cases, which are not problematic. What determines the return is the positive daily cases, the cases of hospitalized patients, fatalities and cases of severely intubated patients ".

In what scenario would we go back?

" Two or three times as many new cases compared to the previous two weeks, if there was an increase in the number of hospitalized, to 80 hospitalized and if we had intubated 15-25 cases then we stop and do not take other steps towards reopening ”.

The Minister clarified that the high numbers of infected people in recent days are contacts of previously infected people, so there are no new foci, but they are isolated.

"The hearth is on the side and at the moment there are contacts in the same area and hearth. In Tirana we have over 20 hearths, they are family, 60% of the affected cases are in Tirana. So it’s a hearth, coming as a result of the epidemiological investigation. We have an increase in infections but they are asymptomatic, we can't say that the temperature is affected and there are no studies that the climate has a direct impact on the virus, the fact that the virus does not have that aggressiveness can be due to the immunity that people have in the summer . said the minister.