Meghan and Harry are currently living in Los Angeles, at Tyler Perry's luxury villa. But from the moment their location was revealed, Meghan and Harry are facing privacy issues and even feel threatened.

A source for the Daily Beast has confessed that the royal couple are worried about the privacy of their family, as they are facing drones flying only 6 meters above their house, with the intention of photographing them and their son, Archie.

"They have seen drones over the house and think they are being monitored by photographers. Meghan received death-threatening racist threats during the wedding time, so the threat to them is great. "Imagine what it would be like to be in their place, to have drones flying over your head."

"People forget that they are people, but they are a family. They are not looking for special treatments. They are looking for themselves, for the security that we all expect to be respected in our homes. ”

The royal couple reported to the Los Angeles police this month "5 incident related to drones". The last one was just a few days ago, when Meghan and Harry were playing with Archie near the pool.