For the first time, he took the two girls with him, Luna and Matea, who not only did not embarrass their mother in a public conversation for "Rudina", but also wanted them to have almost the same attention (television trend). ), why not?

Singer and presenter Gerta Heta was this afternoon on TV Klan to share with the public the long period of quarantine with her family, projects on television and music, as well as to tell a good part of the time she shares with her two daughters and her.

Talking about Luna and Matean, Gerta said, among other things, that in their family, things are separate: “They have a schedule of rage with their father. I mean, they play these physical games that Mom can't follow. Mom takes care of other things, feeds them and takes care of other things. disciplines them, and Dad plays these games with adrenaline. Plus with Luna, she also deals with mathematics, I don't like math at all. We have divided the affairs, I deal with the language, he deals with mathematics… ”

Gerta did not know that after this confession, where, of course, her husband could not be excluded, Rudina would signal that there was a surprise from him.

Did you bring it to us? Gerta asked with a laugh, but that was not a surprise. Three bouquets of flowers came especially for Gerta and her two daughters… And on top of them a leaflet, which, no doubt, thrilled everyone who heard it.

" Thank God that in these two months of isolation you were like my wife. In this period I realized how easy living with you is. I hope we continue like this until we grow old. I love you! You and our girls are everything to me in life. When I’m not close to you dad’s hearts, I miss so much of your noise you make 24 hours a day. Tata has a lot in common with both of you, Volim Bas " - he wrote to them in Croatian, which means 'I love you'. You have the flowers from Tata. Thank you very much Tata. "

Excited about her husband's surprise, Gerta said that without his help, she would not have succeeded.