Brownie and cheesecake are two delicious and irresistible cakes from no one. What about when these two flavors come together? Then you make a fantastic combination, which you should try and we are sure you will not be separated again.

The recipe is brought by Sindi Bimi for the followers of Class magazine, as well as for the followers of her Instagram page @brenda_botes_sime .

Ingredients you need for brownie:

• 200 gr dark chocolate

• 100 gr of butter

• 3 eggs

• 150 gr of sugar

• 100 gr of flour

Ingredients for cheesecake

• 200 gr of cream cheese

• 1 egg

• 1 tablespoon flour

• 3 tablespoons of sugar

• jam

Method of preparation:

Melt the chocolate together with the butter. We throw them in a bowl, in which we add 3 eggs, 150 gr of sugar and 100 gr of pastry flour and 1 teaspoon of puff pastry. Put it in a pan lined with parchment paper and add the cream on top, which is prepared as follows:

200 gr whipped cream cheese with 1 egg, 1 tablespoon flour and 3 tablespoons sugar. Finally, add the jam (in this case, use the instant cherry jam).

Bake the cake at 150⁰C for about 30 minutes.