Former First Lady Michelle Obama reacted a few days after the assassination of George Floyd and wrote on Twitter some words referring to racism - one of the biggest problems in America, but not only. Floyd's death has sparked protests across the United States, with people opposing racism and police brutality in America.

Michelle Obama began her post by saying she was "exhausted by this heartbreak that never seems to stop" and called on everyone to contribute to eradicating racism once and for all.

"Like many of you, these tragedies hurt me a lot. I am exhausted from this heartbreak that never seems to stop. Now it's George, Breonna and Ahmaud. Before them were Eric, Sandra and Michael. It just goes on, on and on. Racism is a reality that many of us grew up learning to deal with. But if we want to leave it behind, it's not just people of color who have to deal with it.

It is in the hands of all of us - of people of color, of whites, of all - to eradicate it. It starts by examining yourself and listening to those who have different lives from us. It ends with justice, mercy, and empathy manifested in our lives and in our ways. I beg you all to have the strength for that journey. Just as I pray for the souls and families of those who were taken from us. ”

George Floyd passed away on May 26, after a police officer, already arrested, had placed his foot on his neck, preventing him from breathing. All this happened because according to the police he was trying to use a counterfeit banknote.