Some of us prefer and like different things. According to scientific studies, some things we consider attractive create even more love. Here are 5 reasons why a girl falls in love. How should a perfect boy be for him?

Be bigger

Some call it the "George Clooney" effect, but there's basically a study that suggests that women prefer older men. Young people are often all over the country and can be quite careless, but when women look for long-term partners, they prefer men who are more mature, both in terms of age and their attitude towards life.

Possession of a dog

This is a detail that for a boy means a lot, much less for girls. If he knows how to take care of a pet, he knows very well how to behave in the family and in a relationship. Their personality is also related to this, creating care and responsibility.

The red dress

The color red is often associated with love, passion, and power. So the scientists conducted an experiment in which they showed pictures of boys wearing red, blue, green and gray shirts and most of the girls said that boys dressed in red were more attractive to them. It may also have to do with the fact that wearing red requires a lot of trust and everyone finds confidence to be attractive.

To be fragile

This may sound ridiculous and like a TV drama, but girls like boys who behave more fragile and careful.

An interesting career

Boys with interesting careers are usually more attractive to girls. So, you know, men in uniform like cops, firefighters, pilots, but also doctors, TV personalities and entrepreneurs are among those who attract the most attention of girls.