Microsoft will replace dozens of contracted journalists on its MSN website and use automated systems to select news stories, US and British media reports.

The treatment of stories by news organizations and the selection of headlines and photos for the MSN site is currently done by journalists. Artificial intelligence will already perform the tasks of news production, sources told the Seattle Times.

Microsoft said it was part of an assessment of its business.

The US tech giant said in a statement: "Like all companies, we value our business on a regular basis. This can result in increased investment in some countries and, from time to time, declines in others. These decisions do not are the result of current pandemics ”.

Microsoft, like several other technology companies, pays news organizations to use their content on its website. But it hires journalists to decide which stories will appear and how they will be presented.

About 50 contract news producers will lose their jobs in late June, the Seattle Times reports, but a team of full-time journalists will remain.

Google funds automate the news project.

"It's demoralizing to think that cars can replace us, but that's what happens," a source told the newspaper.

Some dismissed journalists warned that artificial intelligence may not be fully familiar with strict editorial guidelines and may end up allowing the publication of inappropriate stories.

27 of those who lost their jobs are employed by 'PA Media' in the United Kingdom, reports 'Guardian'.

A journalist said: "I spend all my time reading how automation and artificial intelligence will take all our work. Now it's taken mine."

Microsoft is one of many technology companies experimenting with forms of so-called robotic journalism to reduce costs. Google is also investing in projects to understand how it can work.