One study found that 2.2% of married people reported having more than one partner in a year. Overall, according to researchers, about 15-25% of married men have cheated. And there are several reasons why unfaithful men do not want to divorce. Here are five of them ...

Home is still the best place for them
He knows you! You cook for her and take care of the kids. He is content with his life and is looking for another betrayal because he wants to try something new, not necessarily because he wants to change his life. The house for a man is like a castle. There is no question in his head if he should leave. He does not like this because, without his wife, it would be difficult to manage the house. Maybe there is no love or passion, but there is friendship and respect. He just wants a comfort zone where he can get a better night's sleep.
He is just looking for a "break"
A CEO of a dating site for married people who are looking for a relationship said in an interview that there are many of these types of cases when you have a good relationship with your partner, but still betray. They are part of a good family group, both have duties, but traitors do not seek separation in this case. There is a great love between partners, but having a relationship is just a time to relax and feel adventurous.
He actually loves his wife
One woman shared her story of meeting a married boy. He was a gentleman and a really nice guy. And the main thing was that he would not leave his wife. Another boy was able to answer that question. He had been happily married for more than 20 years and had children. He loved his wife very much, but he had betrayed her for more than 15 years. It is simply a matter of "fetish" for him. At the same time, he also feels guilty about it.
He does not have the courage to change his life completely
He has lived with his wife for 10 years now and has been a perfect husband and father, but suddenly he meets his soul mate. Therapist Douglas LaBier calls this a "body-brain" connection. This new feeling can be very powerful and can consume you from head to toe. Sometimes in these cases, some men may prefer to divorce and remarry, but others may not. They still have an important relationship with their wife.
He feels there are strong chains that keep them connected: the children or the mortgage of the house
A lawyer who has dealt with many divorce issues shared her experience, saying that it is very painful to be separated from a person you love, but it is especially painful to stop being a full-time parent or giving up. an asset. These things can prevent many people from getting divorced, even if they are not happy together.