A trick of the moment that you can try, wherever you are! Just trust your intuition and choose a sun. Based on your answer, you will receive an interesting message about yourself, your personality and what your future holds. Try it!

Dielli # 1

This sun represents the wisdom of your soul as a powerful weapon against darkness. If you choose this sun, you will always strive for knowledge and clarity. In your previous life, you may have lived next to a man with whom you have wisely consulted. Sometimes you can be harsh in your decisions, but they are characterized by the spirit of justice. In any case, you are a natural leader.

Dielli # 2

This is the sun of modesty. Even though you shine, you do not display your powers to the fullest extent. If you choose this sun, you hide great powers within yourself. You have all the qualities to become a great person. But there is something that prevents its development. Be honest with yourself and remove all obstacles in order to shine throughout your being.

Dielli # 3

This sun represents your endless chaotic powers, which unfortunately cannot be easily exploited. Chaos is a great power. It can be creative or destructive. Take advantage of that "power" that is within you, as the whole Universe does. We are the result of thousands of different forces.

Dielli # 4

This is a sun that can be associated with esotericism and the soul. Everything comes to you from the power of divine harmony and symmetry. True beauty is what you are looking for. Reading about ancient cultures is one of the activities you love most. Communication with the spirit world is possible for you.

Dielli # 5

A creative power can act more effectively when destructive power paves the way to eliminate what needs to disappear. But be careful! Before you act, you need to be aware of what you are looking for.

Dielli # 6

This is the sun of illusions. You are open, you have extraordinary ideas and thoughts. Everything seems possible to you. This can be very inspiring for you and the people around you. You also have an erotic attitude that makes you very attractive. However, you often become realistic or even delusional. Afterwards, you are disappointed with your expectations.