Officially in the summer! The hot season has arrived and already, we all hope it will be a beautiful summer. However, it is good to know when to start the diet (if you have decided to start a day), when it is better to cut your hair, plant flowers, quit smoking or many other activities which, if you will follow the best days, they will surely go well for you. The movements of the Moon will guide you to have an adorable month.

To determine the best days of the month, astrologers determine the movements of the Moon in the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Planetary relations are also considered in this case. When their position is in the right orbit, the activities you will perform will be even more effective.

Dated June 1, 2020

Cut your hair, get married

June 2 - 3

Plant plants, trees

June 4

Start a diet if you are going to gain weight

June 5 - 6

Arrange camping, straighten hair

June 7 - 8 - 9

Quit smoking, make a post from each activity of the day, plan a trip with the kids.

June 10 - 11

Get a pet

June 12 - 13

Quit smoking, wax, prepare pickles with vegetables and fruits, etc.

June 14-15

Prune trees or clear of weeds, waxing

June 16 - 17

Dye your hair

June 18-19

Start a diet if you want to lose weight, dye your hair

June 20 - 21

End projects launched

June 22

Starts a new project

June 23 - 24

Prune the plants to encourage growth

June 25 - 26

Visit the dentist

June 27th

Start a diet if you are going to gain weight, visit the dentist

June 28 - 29

Cut the hair to encourage growth

June 29th

Cut your hair to encourage growth, get married

June 30th

Write down your plans for next month