The habit of sleeping with wet hair has a number of side effects. If you bathe at night, some of these side effects can make you think about changing your hair care routine and investing extra time in drying them before lying down.

1. May cause scalp irritation.

Usually we blame our shampoo for this, but the reason for the itching and irritation of the skin can be the habit of sleeping with wet hair. Diseases of the scalp, such as dandruff, can occur when you sleep with wet hair. When we sleep with wet hair, a humid and warm environment can increase the growth of bacteria.

2. You mess up your hair.

Wet hair is brittle. When you go to bed before you dry them, they can get confused during sleep. In the morning, you will find it difficult to create them and this can add stress to your morning routine.

3. It can give you headaches.

If you go to bed with your head wet, chances are you will wake up with a headache. Some hair care experts say that sleeping with wet hair lowers body temperature and this causes headaches as the body tries to warm up. Other specialists believe that going to bed with your hair wrapped in a towel causes pain and may even interrupt your sleep.

4. Hair becomes disheveled.

Wet hair creates strong rubbing on the pillow, making your hair disheveled. The extra time to dry your hair before bed can save you the money you spent on products against this phenomenon.

5. Will not allow thin hair to gain volume.

Thin hair is delicate and lacks volume. Sleeping with a wet head is especially harmful for this type of hair. They canâ??t regain volume easily, which is why if you go to bed regularly with wet hair, it will make it look even less voluminous.

6. It is one of the main reasons for double peaks.

Since wet hair is vulnerable to splitting the ends into 2 parts, throwing and turning during sleep can cause split ends.

7. Causes skin irritation.

Sleeping with wet hair affects not only the scalp but also the skin. When you change position during sleep, hair can fall on your face. The combination of wet hair and temperature in the bedroom, can provide the perfect conditions for the growth of irritating bacteria on the skin.